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Westerlund Family Tree: Genealogy

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in search of Capt W.J.Williams

Posted on August 17, 2018 at 12:40 AM

W.J. Williams Capt.

BIRTH ABT 1895 • England

1841 Avenger: • Australia or England: Capt

1841 Miltiades 14 Feb 1920 Brisbane to S.Africa to London

26 April 1924 • Demosthene London to Albany (to Sydney)

dropped some "Fairbridge kids" off at Albany: 

1924-29: war and ships

1932: ship Akarua: and Pakeha: and Taranaki: and Themistocles

1932: 1937:Morton Bay

11 Feb 1937 • Australia Brisbane to Sydney to Burnie, Tasmania

1937-42 Euripides=Akaroa

27 Sept 1947 • New Zealand to London to bring back the x war ship.

1947-52 Party in Hobart party with company, Port Line Ltd, Mr W.Gregory

1950 • Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

1955 Gothic 1 Sept 1951 • London, England

Retired 1951-56

Death Aft. 1952 • England, England?


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